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15HP Condensing Type Walking Tractor

Machine size: 1220 * 1070 * 550mm
Machine weight: 280kg
Cutting width: 800mm
Cutting height: 30-150mm
Walking speed: 0-5km/h Working slope: 0-50 Track width: 120mm Mode of operation: Remote control walking, remote control cutter head lifting Walking mode: Crawler self-propelled Power: 16hp Type: Vertical axis four stroke

15HP Walking Tractor can be used for plowing, rotary cultivating, harrowing in paddy fields, harvesting, transportation, etc., if suitable implements or accessories are attached.

15HP Walking Tractor is featured by its simple and compact construction, reliability, long service life, easy operation, ample output, lightweight, and high versatility. This tractor is very suitable for use in paddy fields, small dry fields, orchards, and vegetable gardens of hilly land with small inclinations.

Structure weight Without rotavator kg 353 363 373 385
With rotavator 458 468 478 488
Working weight(with rotavator) kg 493 508 523 538
Turning speed of rototilling shaft rpm 188/300
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) mm 2680x960x1250 2680x1030x11250
Number of blades pcs 18/24/26
Rototilling width mm 600/800/900
Type of tractor Single axle,dual-purpose for both traction & drive
Traveling speed Forward km/h 1.4,2.5,4.1,5.3,9.4,15.3
Reverse 1.1,3.8
Type size 6.00-12
Wheel track mm 800,740,640,580(normally use 800)
Min. ground clearance mm 185
Min. turning radius m 0.9(with no rotavator)
Model of engine ZS195 ZS1100 ZS1105 ZS1110
Type of engine Horizontal 4-stroke
Borexstroke mm 95×115 100×115 105×115 110×115
Total displacement L 0.815 0.903 0.9959 1.0931
Compression ration 20:01 19.5:1 17:01 17:01
Turning speed of the crankshaft rpm 2200
1 hour rated output kw/hp 9.3/12.65 10.5/14.3 13.34/18.15 14.7/20
12-hour rated output kw/hp 8.3/11.29 9.8/13.33 12.13/16.5 13.23/18