30L Farm Drone Sprayer


Pesticide Tank 30L
Net Weight 27.5kg
Take-off Weight 67KG
Flying Time 10~15min
Flying Radius 0~1000m
Flying Height 0~30m
Flying Speed 0~12m/s
Work Temperature -10~70°C
Work Humidity 0~90%
Spray Speed 0~8m/s
Spray Width/Nozzle No. >8~10m / 10 Nozzles
Spray Flow 3.5~4L/min
Spray Efficiency 12~15Ha/Hr
Flying Downward Airflow 4~15m/s
Wind Resistance 10m/s
Spread Size W2.2m x L1.85m x H0.8m
Machine Size Folded Size W1.25m x L0.9m x H0.8m
Motor Brushless
Power System Propeller Carbon Fiber
ESC Rapid Throttle Response
Flight Control K++ V2
Remote Controller Joyance Datalink H12 RC
Battery / Quantity 14S 28000mAh / 1pc
Adapter + Charger Dual-Channel Charger 3000W
Aluminum box size / weight 154*109*94cm / 100kg
Toolkit Maintenance/Repair Tools

Materials of drone frame: Aluminum alloy drone center board frame and carbon fiber tubes, light weight, more durable.

Super Power system : – 6 pcs X9 Plus FOC power system, with 45mm carbon fiber tubes. Motors have enough redundancy to support more than 30L.

Smart batteries and smart charger : – 1 pc 14s 28000 mAh smart batteries:They have inner intelligent voltage manage system, to show remaining voltage and cycles use in app. Waterproof IP 53. They have over current protection circuit and temperature shutdown circuit. – 1 dual-channel 3000W 6055P smart charger: can quick charge and protect batteries effectively. Two brushless water pumps for 30L drone sprayer. Brushless water pumps can be used for more than 500 hours, which are 3-5 times longer than ordinary water pumps , this is will reduce maintenance cost. Voltage range: 12-14V Max flow: 2 * 5L/min Waterproof: IP 68 After finishing spraying, it can be washed with water directly to reduce pesticide corrosion.