AG300 GNSS Auto-Steering System

Auto-Steering system AG300 can give you high-performance autosteering on non-steer-ready vehicles, including tractors, sprayers, swathers and combines. It can provide an accuracy up to 2.5 cm and can be widely used in planing,spraying,harvest.

Main Specification
• Installation in 30 mins, Calibration in 15 mins, Quick learn in 5 mins
• Motor steering system: No need to change hydyraulic system
• Can be switched in different vehicles(support John deer, New Holland, AGleader,CAT and other tractors)
• 3m on the line, continue the last AB line automatically.
• AB Line files can be shared in different vehicles
• Support base staiton & cors station communication.
• Dual antenna receive signal to get high accuracy and heading.
• Operation accuracy: 2.5 cm High Precision
• Cloud data storage