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High Efficiency Potato Harvesting

Machine size: 1220 * 1070 * 550mm
Machine weight: 280kg
Cutting width: 800mm
Cutting height: 30-150mm
Walking speed: 0-5km/h Working slope: 0-50 Track width: 120mm Mode of operation: Remote control walking, remote control cutter head lifting Walking mode: Crawler self-propelled Power: 16hp Type: Vertical axis four stroke

Our Advantage:
1.It features of high-working efficiency, lower breakage rate, lower skin break rate.
2.Light & quick running without vibration, no blocking by the grasses, leaks the soil quickly, lower buried potato rate.
3.The penetrating angle of excavating device is the same with the elevation angle of transfer& separate device. It effectively solves the problem of soil accumulation after shoveling.
4.Matching power is the common four wheel tractor, it is features of wide adaptation , strong applicability, low investment and easy to operate.

Our Feature:
1.Single-row potato harvester machine for sale can be used in various tubers harvest, such as potato, sweet potato, peanut, garlic and so on.
2.This Single-row potato harvester machine for sale has high efficiency, low breaking rate, fast working speed without vibration.
3.The Single-row potato harvester machine for sale no blocking grass & soil leakage fast, simple structure & durable.

Model SM-PH-800
Working Width 800mm
Working Depth 15-30cm
Efficiency 4-6 mu/h
Matched Power 25-45HP
Rate Of Seen Potato ≥98%
Rate Of Broken Skin ≤2%
PTO Speed 560RPM
Weight 255KG
Dimension 1700*900*850 mm

Application of our potato harvester:

The machine can harvest potato and sweet potato.And the potato harvester is equipped with a special harvesting conveyor belt, which greatly increases the use life. The special cast iron gear box makes the machine run more smoothly.The machine is equipped with a vibrating screen soil device and a front wheel drive wheel device, which can separate the soil and potatoes better and improve the working efficiency greatly.