Hydraulic Two-way Disc Plough

The 1LYX disc plough is completely mounted with a tractor.

1. During operation, the disc is rotating to turn the soil. Particularly, it is suitable for operation on the field with grasses, straw and stems of crops or plants, big soil resistance and with many stones and break brickbat, etc in the field.
2. It is good at cutting grasses and straw and free from stopping by the grasses, soil or stones .etc.
3. It is efficient in the work.
4. It is of good quality during operation. It is easy to adjust and strong and durable.


Model 1GLX-225 1GLX-325 1GLX-425 1GLX-525
Width of cut (mm) 500 750 1000 1250
Depth of cut (mm) 250~300
Dia of disc (mm) 660
Q’ty of disc 2 3 4 5
Weight (kg) 270 360 470 560
Tractor power (hp) 40 60 100 130
Mounted cat three-point suspension Cat II