Manual Paddy Rice Transplanter

1.Height: 15-35 cm best, slightly out of range can be inserted
2.Seeding diameter : 2 — 5 mm preferably, slightly out of range can be inserted
3.Roots: preferably within 60 mm, slightly out of range can be inserted
4.Seedling requirements: mainly nitrogen, and phosphorus, potassium, seedling quit water to pull most washable.
5.Working water depth: 10-20 mm better, a little more water can be inserted tractor
6.Mechanical conditions: Shimoda front friction parts and moving parts apply oil to achieve flexible rotation.
7.Requirements put seedlings: seedlings substantially parallel , so the seedlings by hand after the release of
8.Planting effect: seedling plug neat, uniform, ventilation performance.

Model YCZJ-16
Item Manual rice transplanter
Net Weight 20kg
Turning radius 210mm
Max planting depth 65mm
Max planting frequency 120/minute
Row Distance 210-250mm
Work efficiency 0.2-0.33ha./day
Packed size 770*470*470mm
Loading quantity of 20GP 144 sets FOB USD$120