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Rotary Cultivator

Machine size: 1220 * 1070 * 550mm
Machine weight: 280kg
Cutting width: 800mm
Cutting height: 30-150mm
Walking speed: 0-5km/h Working slope: 0-50 Track width: 120mm Mode of operation: Remote control walking, remote control cutter head lifting Walking mode: Crawler self-propelled Power: 16hp Type: Vertical axis four stroke

1800mm / 2100mm / 2400mm

Seedbed making of soil after turning and loosening

1. Suitable for seedbed operations that require a high degree of soil crushing
2. The operation effect is still obvious in harsh ground conditions, such as hard soil, paddy field, etc.
3. Significant mixing/stubbing function
4. Simple structure and easy maintenance

1. The drive shaft is equipped with a clutch hub as standard to prevent overload damage to the equipment
2. 540/1000RPM two-speed gearbox, by adjusting different combinations of gear pairs, a total of 6 kinds of cutter shaft speeds can be selected
3. 6 pages of blades per cutter head, the effect of turning the ground and breaking the soil is better
4. Side gear drive, oil bath lubrication
5. The gearbox seal on both sides of the cutter shaft adopts a floating oil seal, which is waterproof and dustproof
6. Fender pressure adjustable by spring
7. In rocky or hard soil conditions, the cutter head can be optionally equipped with a butt flange


Specifications Heavy duty rotary cultivator
working width(in.) 71″ 83″ 91″
working width(cm) 180 210 230
working depth(in.) 7 7 7
blades/flange 8 9 10
total blades 48 54 60
side drive gear gear gear
driveline protection slip clutch slip clutch slip clutch
hitch cat I and II cat I and II cat I and II
PTO shaft series 6 6 6
PTO power required(HP) 45-55 60-80 85-100
optimum PTO speed(RPM) 540 540 540
Rotor flange diameter(in.) 6.3 6.3 6.3
Rotor flange thickness(in.) 0.5 0.5 0.5
approximate weight w/pto(lbs) 770 865 928
size(mm) 2050*810*1025 2350*810*1025 2550*810*1025
weight(kg) 350 392 422