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Soya Beans and Corn Planter

Machine size: 1220 * 1070 * 550mm
Machine weight: 280kg
Cutting width: 800mm
Cutting height: 30-150mm
Walking speed: 0-5km/h Working slope: 0-50 Track width: 120mm Mode of operation: Remote control walking, remote control cutter head lifting Walking mode: Crawler self-propelled Power: 16hp Type: Vertical axis four stroke

3 Point Hitch Six Row Precision Corn Planter With Fertilizer
3 point hitch corn seed planter soybean planter tractor planter pneumatic precise corn with fertilizer box corn seed planter
1. All parts of the machine adopt the latest powder spraying and paint baking process to make the metal surface more firm and durable;
2. Stainless steel fertilizer box is adopted, which is corrosion-proof, firm and durable;
3. The seeding monomer with profiling structure ensures the consistency of seeding depth;
4. The finger clip seed metering device is equipped with multi gear speed change device, which is convenient and accurate to adjust the plant spacing;