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Walking Behind Rice Transplanter

Machine size: 1220 * 1070 * 550mm
Machine weight: 280kg
Cutting width: 800mm
Cutting height: 30-150mm
Walking speed: 0-5km/h Working slope: 0-50 Track width: 120mm Mode of operation: Remote control walking, remote control cutter head lifting Walking mode: Crawler self-propelled Power: 16hp Type: Vertical axis four stroke

Rice transplanter is an agricultural machine that implants rice seedlings into rice fields.

Rice transplanter is an agricultural machine that implants rice seedlings into rice fields. Of the introductory type, this model features a versatile size that is easily operated with agility and effectiveness even in confined spaces. The walk-behind rice transplanter is easy to operate and greatly improves the efficiency and planting quality of rice transplanting. Therefore, it also helps to improve the survival rate of rice seedlings.


Project Unit Design value
Structure type / Design value
Matching engine model specifications / 3TNM72-AFF
Matching engine rated power (or rated power) KW 18.5
Matching engine rated speed (or calibrated speed) r/min 3600
Overall outline ruler (length X width X height) / 3090×2220×2580
Operating speed m/s 0-1.65
Operating hour productivity hm²/h 0.2-0.42
Fuel consumption per unit of operation kg/hm² 3.0-6.5
Number of work lines line 6
Line spacing mm 300
Point adjustment mechanism type / mechanical
Number of acupoint adjustment gears / 7
Hole distance mm 100、120、140、160、180、210、240
Planting speed mm 10-55
Shift distance mm 20.3、17.8、15.8、14.2
Take the seedling speed mm 8月18日
Seedling frequency (single row) single/row 0-600
Variable speed method / Hydraulic Transmission (HST)
Structure type of walking wheel (front and rear) / Explosion-proof tires, thick-wheeled rubber tires
Diameter of walking wheel (front and rear) mm 600、950
Balance mechanism type / mechanical
Interpolation arm type / Rotary forced transplanting
Fuel type / Diesel oil

What are the advantages of the rice planting machine?
1. This rice transplanter machine can be driven by a gasoline engine that gives more power to the machine.
2. The transplanting distance can be adjusted with four grades by adjusting the speed and distance regulation handle. It can realize 12-14 or 16 -21 cm by a simple and quick operation.
3. High applicability. The rice transplanter machine can walk easily even in rotten fields where the mud depth is15-35cm. It’s not limited by the size of the field.
4. The machine is light in weight, which saves much labor.
5. The user should put seedlings evenly and reliably to effectively avoid missing transplanting.
6. Aesthetic shape and through-drive power transmission make the machine more strong and better balance.